Czech Dragon Boat Association


Czech Dragon Boat Association (since 1997) is the only governing organization of dragonboating in the Czech Republic representing the Czech Republic in international organizations - IDBF - the International Dragon Boat Federation and EDBF - the European Dragon Boat Federation.
The mission of CzDBA is to promote dragonboat sport, organize races and events, organize and manage the Czech Republic National Team for international events and championships and representing Czech dragon boat sport towards national and international institutions.
The Czech Dragon Boat Association has established and will organize the 16th year of top racing series of the Czech Dragon Boat Cup in 2019, where sports crews (open / women / mix) fight to represent the Czech Republic at international events (MS and ME).
At the same time, it covers the nationwide competition for amateur sports and corporate MIX crews of the Dragon Boat Grand Prix, which in 2019 continues for the 12th year and is constantly growing. Part of this competition is its local divisions Czech and Moravian National Dragon Boat League and National Cup of Dragon Boat Company Crews, which are scored separately.
In the nationwide ranking of the National Dragon Boat Cup, which covers the racing clubs and their crews of all levels, it fights for the winning trophy, in the 2018 season it was over 600 crews from all over the Czech Republic!
The Czech Dragon Boat Association has successfully hosted several of the world's top scooters for EDBF / IDBF:
EDBF European Nation Championship 2006 in Prague on the Vltava River, IDBF World Nation Championship 2009 and EDBF European Nation Championship 2014 in Račice National Olympic Water Sports Center with the participation of over 3500 athletes from almost 30 countries around the world.

At the same time, the oldest dragon boat race in the Czech Republic is organized by the Prague Dragon Boat Festival under the banner of CzDBA, which in its 2019 season with its 22nd year continues the third decade of dragon boat races in the Czech Republic.


Do you like dragonboating?

Do you want to organize your teambulding event or your dragon boat race?
But you don´t have any boats and you donť know how to do it?
It doesn´t matter! We're here for you!
Contact us directly:
email: or by phone:  +420 775 22 00 11.
The Czech Dragon Boat Association offers you a taylor made dragon boat teambuilding event.
We'll come wherever there is at least some water :-)

See you in the paddle in hands!





Where to go to dragon boat races?

Overview of the nearest dragon boat races

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